Lush, Green Creative Wedding Portraits

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When it comes to wedding party creative portraits, sometimes the best photos are the most simple. I love the way Mary Beth Russell framed Sadye and Ryan's wedding party with this lush green background (believe it or not, in a front yard across the street from the church!!). Photos by Mary Beth Russell, epagaFOTO. Adorable shots [...]

Date Night Engagement Session

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Many people have some pre-engagement photo anxiety. Maybe you're not comfortable in front of the camera, or you're stressed about what to happens to the best of us! Our remedy is to turn the engagement session into a DATE! You could bring a picnic, incorporate your favorite bar, or (our fav) just have the [...]

A Kemper Museum Wedding With All The Feels

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Anna and Adam's wedding was one one of those days that doesn't need a long blog post to explain. What we loved about their wedding (at the Kemper Museum of Modern Art) was the personalization, glamour, style, and feels...all the feels. Jessica and Anna go way back. When Anna graduated from Barstow, Jess shot her [...]

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