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3 Reasons You Need a Wedding Album

Over the last ten years of photographing weddings, there have been massive swings in the ways couples are choosing to (or not to) prioritize wedding albums as a part of their wedding photography. Quite generally, this decision comes down to cost …and we can ALL empathize with that.  BUT… I am here to explain three compelling reasons why wedding albums should be a must for every couple.

  1. Digital files are simply not enough.

    We’ve lived in the digital era long enough to know that even the most beautiful of photographs do us no good as lifeless pieces of digital media if you don’t look at them.  Digital files are easily forgotten and sometimes even lost (eeek). They are fleeting.  They are incomplete. Yes, digital files are a necessity in today’s world of social media, but they belong in print…images have an incredible amount of energy, beauty and value when they are in print.  A wedding album is the PERFECT way to showcase your treasured moments and your favorite portraits…the album make a perfect format to bring to life the narrative that you experienced on your amazing wedding day.

  2. Your future family wants to see your wedding photos!

    I often romanticize the day when my client’s future grandchildren stumble upon their wedding album and admire the richness of their wedding day.  What an incredible treasure that would be!  Your wedding album is intended to serve you, your spouse, your parents and family NOW, but think about the beauty of your future generations having such a beautiful record of your family history.  Make it happen people!

  3. We make album design effortless.

    The truth is, when albums costs become prohibitive, many of our clients make strong resolutions that they will design an album for themselves once the wedding costs are behind them.  We totally get that!  We happilly give referalls for a third party vendors that can assist our clients in printing the albums they design.  They design.  That’s the problem right there. No one wants to actually take the time to design their album.  Or maybe they do want to take the time, but they get overwhelmed by the process and give up half way through.  I hear this story over and over again and I empathize because designing albums is harder than you would think. It’s an art that requires a lot of time, patience, and attention to detail (and who has any of that these days)?

    This is where our studio comes in to save the day!  We make the album design process effortless (for you).  The only task you are left with is making selections your favorite images for the album (which, don’t get me wrong, can be a trick).  BUT… once you’ve done your part, we take the reigns and design a gorgeous custom-design, ready for your simple approval.  Want to see a modification?  No probs.  We can do that.  Then POOF!  We send to print and ship directly to your house.  Easy as pie.  In fact, while we’re designing your album, you’ll have time to make a pie…or go to happy hour…or go out on a date!  Now THAT sounds like a great use of your time:)

Albums make the perfect one year anniversary gift OR better yet… the most thoughtful Valentine’s day gift of all time. *Gift cards will be sent out to make those V-day dreams come true.

Jessica Roark
Owner, epagaFOTO


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