3 Reasons You Need a Wedding Album

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Over the last ten years of photographing weddings, there have been massive swings in the ways couples are choosing to (or not to) prioritize wedding albums as a part of their wedding photography. Quite generally, this decision comes down to cost ...and we can ALL empathize with that.  BUT... I am here to explain three [...]

epagaBRUNCH Sip & Shop

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we brunch hard. We're at it again...bringing you a hang time that's literally just for YOU. No strings attached. Sip on free mimosas and munch on local doughnuts and quiche whilst shopping some of our favorite pop-up shops. This is a guilt-free time to let all your wedding-talk loose and chat with other ladies who totally get [...]

Five Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

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You've got a ring on your finger...and now what?? ..let's talk wedding planner shop for a bit with epagaFOTO's studio manager and professional wedding guest (as a 20-something who seemingly goes to weddings seemingly every weekend!), Janae Trotter.   So you just got engaged and you’re swimming through pinterest and other wedding websites trying to [...]

Lush, Green Creative Wedding Portraits

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When it comes to wedding party creative portraits, sometimes the best photos are the most simple. I love the way Mary Beth Russell framed Sadye and Ryan's wedding party with this lush green background (believe it or not, in a front yard across the street from the church!!). Photos by Mary Beth Russell, epagaFOTO. Adorable shots [...]

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