Why does epagaFOTO require a hired, professional day-of or full service wedding planner?2018-01-26T12:40:11-06:00

After many years of experience, our studio is confident that in order for our photographers to shoot our best and in order for our clients to feel at ease, a wedding planner is simply essential. The cost of a wedding planner is, by far, one of the best investments in your wedding day. He/She will provide execution of tasks and design in such a way that the wedding vendors can do their job best, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the couple can relax, have fun, and enjoy their day. Click here to visit our preferred wedding vendor list for suggestions on wedding planners we have had excellent experiences with.  You can also read our blog article 5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner.

What are the additional costs associated with traveling?2016-04-05T22:49:06-05:00

We gladly travel 45 miles round trip on a wedding day. If mileage exceeds 45 miles, the additional miles driven are subject to the IRS gas mileage compensation rate (usually ~$.57/mile). Airfare, hotel, and a $50/day per diem (to cover food and transportation) are required for all destination portrait sessions.

Can I invite you to my Pinterest page or share photos I like?2016-04-05T22:46:38-05:00

Pinterest is fantastic tool for helping communicate the general style of photography you like. We discourage using Pinterest as a source for the recreation of certain images. We can create something far more unique when we aren’t constrained by the need to mimic an image.

Can I make suggestions on the location and style of the portrait session?2016-04-05T22:50:21-05:00

Of course! We love collaborating with our clients to create a stylized and personal portrait session. Our goal is to create images that capture your unique style, both in the locations we choose and way you are dressed. Make suggestions and we will too!

What happens if it rains on the day of my portrait session?2016-04-05T22:44:22-05:00

Rain can be an amazing creative tool in making beautiful pictures, however in many cases, we will choose to reschedule the session. Our photographers know the difference between a creative opportunity and a nightmare waiting to happen. In such cases, our photographers take a team approach to working with the client to make the final call. In the event of a rescheduled session, there are no additional fees.

How soon can I expect my print order to be ready?2016-04-05T22:43:23-05:00

Prints are generally ready within 2 weeks of placing the order. Canvases, framed pieces and albums may require additional time.

What are your payment options?2016-04-05T22:42:15-05:00

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. We do not accept American Express. We also except checks (made out to epagaFOTO).

What is the process to book a portrait session with epagaFOTO?2016-04-05T22:41:01-05:00

Email or call our studio manager, Janae and she will assist in selecting a photographer, session date, and securing the session fee (which books your date). All session fees are $175.

Do you change some images to black and white while keeping others color?2016-04-05T22:39:27-05:00

Yes, we take much into consideration when choosing whether an image is displayed best as a color or black and white image.

How many edited images can I expect as a part of my final collection?2016-04-05T22:38:49-05:00

On average (for portrait sessions), 40-50 final edited images. Sometimes more, rarely less. Weddings depend largely on the package size and amount of time shooting.

How long do portrait sessions last?2016-04-05T22:37:21-05:00

On average 2-3 hours.

Where do I change outfits while out on the shoot?2016-04-05T22:36:43-05:00

Most often in the car, sometimes at our studio, and occasionally in a Starbucks bathroom.

How many locations and outfit changes are included in the session fee?2016-04-05T22:36:07-05:00

This depends on the session type: Family sessions: on average 1-2 locations and one outfit. Senior sessions: on average 4 locations and 3 or 4 outfits. Engagement sessions: on average 3 locations and 2 outfits. For all sessions, there is flexibility on both locations and outfit changes.

What kind of editing can I expect?2016-04-05T22:50:35-05:00

Our images are edited to look natural. Yes, we remove the untimely blemish, and yes to the unavoidable dark circles. We retouch skin to look smooth and natural, but not fake. You can expect the color of your images to look vibrant and crisp. Any editing that involve changing the fundamental appearance of either the people or background within the image is not something our studio would generally do.

What is the difference between each of the associate photographers?2016-04-05T22:34:04-05:00

All of the associates offer the same packages/pricing and commitment to the epagaFOTO standards (which is a commitment to photojournalism and excellence in our service). The only difference between each of the associate photographers is the photographer herself… her personality and individual style of shooting photojournalism. To learn more about each associate, visit their bio pages).

What is the difference between Jessica Roark and the associate photographers?2016-04-05T22:32:48-05:00

Jessica Roark’s portrait packages offer a variety of packages and a la cart items to provide a full-service experience (items include traditional, wood, and metal prints, canvases, albums, framed pieces, and digital files). The associate photographers make a great option for clients who are interested primarily in purchasing the digital files.

How many photographers are a part of your studio?2020-03-12T15:39:35-05:00

Four photographers. Jessica Roark is the owner of the company, and we have three associate photographers: Mary Beth Russell (lead), Allyson Cheney, and Hannah Taylor.

How do you pronounce epagaFOTO, and what does it mean?2016-04-05T22:29:05-05:00

epagaFOTO (pronounced “e-PAY-ga”) is the reverse spelling of the Greek word “agape”. Jessica (owner of epagaFOTO) studied New Testament Greek as a part of her college degree and loved the language. The word “agape” is a Greek word that represents the idea of unconditional love, specifically God’s selfless and unconditional love which we seek to show others. Jessica named the company after this concept of selfless love so it would serve as a cornerstone of what epagaFOTO represents. In all we do, we strive to do in selfless and unconditional love. That’s the goal.