Matt and Julie’s wedding at Thompson Barn in Lenexa was rustic, chic, and utterly beautiful. Their story was fun to watch unfold and I can’t wait to share it with you!

epagaFOTO Associate Photographer Mary Beth and her and her husband, Blake are actually good friends with Matt and Julie. When MB heard that their wedding fell on her own five-year anniversary, that didn’t stop her from jumping at the opportunity to capture her friends’ big day! It ended up being a really unique day for her and her husband, Blake, was bar tending the event…it ended up being a super fun way for them to spend their anniversary! Scroll through to see Matt and Julie’s story that is personalized to the max.

Photos by epagaFOTO, Mary Beth Russell.

Julie got ready at Roots & Branches Salon…which we recommend if you’re looking for a wedding ‘do!

julie + matt 1

Julie’s wedding ensemble was classy and chic.julie + matt 2

Matt got ready at the barn..julie + matt 3

Unique details that melded the chic and rustic perfectly.julie + matt 4

julie + matt 5

One of the sweetest first looks! At the house at Thompson Barn.julie + matt 6

Julie couldn’t decide if she wanted her bridal bouquet to be more purples or pinks. Thankfully, her friend and designer at Mille Flores gave her the best of both worlds with a two-sided bouquet!julie + matt 7

julie + matt 8

julie + matt 9

julie + matt 10

julie + matt 11

Because guys will always be guys….

julie + matt 12

julie + matt 13

julie + matt 14

So this flower girl apparently wanted to marry Matt and got a little feisty because of it. Good thing she is also super darn cute.julie + matt 15

Matt, seeing his bride come down the aisle.julie + matt 16

The flower girl, slightly bitter that she’s not marrying matt.julie + matt 17

julie + matt 18

Last one…the sass was just too much!julie + matt 19

julie + matt 20

This is Mary Beth’s husband, killing it with the bar tending! julie + matt 21

They had a selection of cocktails and drinks, and then a DIY margarita stand.julie + matt 22

julie + matt 23

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