Images by Jessica Roark

In my years of doing business I’ve been ridiculously blessed to meet, train, and work with some truly wonderful people.  Mary Beth is one of those people.  I met Mary Beth when she was graduating from high school and exploring her love for photography.  She was always impressively beyond her years for her age…super talented, responsible, kind, loving, caring, did I mention super talented?  She was the full package.  I knew it then, and I’m proud of it now.  I’ll never forget the day she told me she was going out on a date with a boy.  Blake was the name.  Mary Beth was one of those girls that every guy wants to date, but rare was the guy bold enough to ask…She’d never tell you that, but I knew it was the case.  I know these things.  And I knew it would take a guy with some boldness to make the move.  Leave it to Blake to make that move.   Good move, Blake.

I watched this love grow and develop every step of the way, and before I knew it I was photographing Blake on one knee asking for Mary Beth’s hand.  Mary Beth stood in shock.  I cried behind the lens.  She said yes and Blake threw up his arms in celebration.  In fact, this was that exact moment….

Just when I thought I had enough sisters.

Just when I thought I had enough sisters. Is it weird that I’m teary again?  Man…that was a fun moment.  I was so incredibly happy for Mary Beth…and it was at that moment that I realized just how much I cared for Mary Beth.  She had become much more than someone I worked with, and even more than a new friend.  She’d become sorta like a new sister (and if you know me well, you know how much I love my sisters).  Yes….you can never have too many sisters:)

Blake, I’ve charted far more hours with Mary Beth than you, but I know enough to be assured that you are perfect for our MB.  You love Jesus, people, and fishing (probably in that order).  You’re music tastes puzzles us as does your ability to eat the nastiest of foods.  You are genuine, selfless, loving, and yes…quirky.  Just perfect for MB. I am so happy she has you.

I can’t believe you guys planned your wedding in six months,  sealing the deal just three weeks before graduating college…are you guys nuts?!?.  Again, I feel like I experienced it with you both every step of the way.  Whew…what a relief when the day finally came.  Though it drizzled rain all day, nothing kept the two of you from enjoying it.  Thanks for inviting me to some of the most important moments of your lives.  I have a feeling these won’t be the last important moments I get to experience with the two of you, and that makes me excited:)

I got to shoot this wedding with Jesseca Hattey, another “sister” near and dear to my heart.  Shooting together (first time in a LONG time) and for MB was a lovely experience.

Get excited Blake, these lips are yours all the days of your life…you lucky man.

One of Blake’s quirks is an intense passion for Japanese tea…here, his treasure.
MB gave Blake a wedding gift that was, perhaps, on the racy side.  His response was perfect. Lips.  A theme at the wedding…these wax lips made for some seriously humorous situations. humorous situation #1.  Blake kissing MB’s brother.  Now that’s love.humorous situation #2.  MB’s brother kissing Blake’s brother.  Are these guys normal?

Adrienne…you made the all-star’s Maid of honor list:)  MB is lucky to have you for a bestie.

MB’s mom and Blake’s mom sharing a moment as they watched.Adrienne…another all-star move!I love that smile.Dang…I love that FACE.MB with her oldest brother, Drew.  Seeing his baby sister as a bride was just too much.  He just kept staring. MB’s dad, getting a first glance at her as a bride.  He makes me this sweet mom moment.Could they get any cuter?
Here’s where the quirks come out.  Blake and his groomsmen would randomly (and I do mean random in the purest sense) start singing, dancing, or a combination of both, but always in unison.  Here, they danced there way to our creative portrait location.
hello bombshell.while waiting for the ceremony to begin…MB with her mama.MB with her bestie, Adrienne. Anticipation!funny stuff.
Drew, watching as people started to arrive.Sweet family moment.
Hilarious grandma’ moments before taking the last glance back at dad…A reminder to keep MB away from knives…
Coke…a a good blue sky…Let the reception CRAZINESS begin!yep…that happened.holy wow…what is happening here?quirky situation #4,245…Blake, you ARE nuts.

I shared way to much, but can’t imagine sharing any less.  MB…Blake, you are loved.  I’m a fan of you both.  Let’s keep doing life together.