Images By Jesseca Hattey

When I first met Erica and Ryan in January, they were just thrilled to be engaged and planning their wedding.  And I think it’s save to say that neither of them dreamed that 6 months later they would be flown to New York City to make an appearance on The Today Show to talk about their wedding.  But that’s exactly what happened!  Erica is a longtime fan of Christian author Karen Kingsbury and as part of a joke, she listed Karen as her “Maid of Honor” when she posted her wedding party information to her wedding blog.  She even sent Karen an email to invite to their wedding, but she never dreamed she would even hear a response.  But much to her surprise, Karen did respond, and the two women developed a friendship.  And not only did Karen attend Erica and Ryan’s wedding, the couple was flown to flown to NYC to appear on The Today Show to tell their story.  What’s even cooler for us, my images were shared on The Today Show!  Check it out!  I’ll be posting more wedding images soon…Congratulations to Erica and Ryan!  Click the link below to see the full clip and more images!

epagaFOTO goes nation wide with an appearance on The Today Show!

epagaFOTO images on The Today Show with our June 25th bride, Erica Shippy