3 Reasons You Need a Wedding Album

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Over the last ten years of photographing weddings, there have been massive swings in the ways couples are choosing to (or not to) prioritize wedding albums as a part of their wedding photography. Quite generally, this decision comes down to cost ...and we can ALL empathize with that.  BUT... I am here to explain three [...]

epagaBRUNCH Sip & Shop

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we brunch hard. We're at it again...bringing you a hang time that's literally just for YOU. No strings attached. Sip on free mimosas and munch on local doughnuts and quiche whilst shopping some of our favorite pop-up shops. This is a guilt-free time to let all your wedding-talk loose and chat with other ladies who totally get [...]

Five Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

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You've got a ring on your finger...and now what?? ..let's talk wedding planner shop for a bit with epagaFOTO's studio manager and professional wedding guest (as a 20-something who seemingly goes to weddings seemingly every weekend!), Janae Trotter.   So you just got engaged and you’re swimming through pinterest and other wedding websites trying to [...]

Rustic Chic Wedding at Thompson Barn in Lenexa, KS

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Matt and Julie's wedding at Thompson Barn in Lenexa was rustic, chic, and utterly beautiful. Their story was fun to watch unfold and I can't wait to share it with you! epagaFOTO Associate Photographer Mary Beth and her and her husband, Blake are actually good friends with Matt and Julie. When MB heard that their wedding [...]

Gold, glitter, and glam…NYE wedding done right.

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Abbie and Tye weren't messing around when they decided to host a giant party for their NYE wedding...With the help of Holly Davidson at Simple Elegance, they had a sparkly {and very posh} event from start to finish...you're going to gush over it. One reason the epagaFOTO photographers like to spend so much time with our [...]

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